Mint Chocolate Soap Bar with Spirulina, Chocolate, Mint Essential Oils, Spearmint Essential Oils

Mint Chocolate


Monkey Farts

Sandalwood Vanilla

Naturally Sourced. Handmade. Plant Based. Organic.

Established in 2019, we're a small company located in Atlanta, GA that is dedicated to making that soothing shower, or bath, a whole lot more enjoyable. We use 100% Vegan, 85% Organic, and All Natural ingredients to make soap that your nose will LOVE to smell and your skin will LOVE to feel.

It's All About You.

Sometimes with the stresses of the world pressing on you- from your job, to dealing with drama, to dealing with private issues, to just being there for your family- it’s often hard to find time for yourself just to relax and unwind. That’s where we can help!! We make that time you already spend in the shower or bath, something like a spa day for you to enrich your spirit and give glow to your skin. So make that YOU time bath time a lot more special by adding our Handmade Natural Soap Bars to the occasion.


"I'm really super funny about ingredients. I was pleasantly surprised by every single ingredient that I saw listed!!"


"Is it normal to see results after the first use? Because WOW, my skin feels like baby skin."


"I smell soooo good. I'm obsessed with me right now."


Opened the mailbox and the scents came wafting out!!!! Now I have to decide which one to use first...🤔


I got my order they smell amazing!...gonna try some tomorrow.