The Pandemic Proof You

The Move Towards a Pandemic Proof You

Who would have ever thought that we would be facing the type of challenges we are today. Challenges that are affecting things that we would have otherwise taken for granted; simple things like the ability to move around freely through neighborhoods, to bus stops, stores, schools and work. We are trying to prevent the spread of a virus that has the ability to impact our lives in a major way, while it’s silently robbing us of the ability to stay active.

One of the major things that we have not considered is the mental health of our family, community, nation, all over the planet, and how this pandemic is playing a negative role on our mental health. today’s world, can be challenging not to succumb to. Stress can wreak havoc on the mind and body, it can sneak up quietly with you unaware, and it has its affects on some of us more than others. We are constantly being bombarded with information via television, radio programs, social media and conversation with co-workers as well as loved ones. There is seemingly no escape of the stress.

We have had our challenges with living a sedentary life style. With driving to work, sitting at work, driving back home, sitting at home, and retiring for the evening only to repeat the same cycle again. The damage that this is causing to the body is at an alarming rate, and now it’s happening at a time where it’s not our choice.

Home-gry, yes you see it right, Home-gry!! That opening up the refrigerator and cabinets as though something that wasn’t there before has miraculously appeared. Being home has not only caused a lack of movement but also a lack of control with the urge to eat. You’re oblivious, or just choose to ignore the time and frequency in which you travel to the kitchen. This is one of the many ways this pandemic is affecting us. We went from purchasing everything off the shelves, worrying if we had enough food to get us through the pandemic, to now eating everything off of our shelves that had been stocked, worrying if it is going to get through us by the end of the pandemic. With the combination of lack of movement (not burning calories) and consuming all the calories we can, gaining quarantine weight is another opposition we must face.

Now identifying one of the things we’re against, we must also identify how to stop it, and the many benefits to moving the body. One of the major ones, is mental health and how exercise can aid in mental clarity.  Exercise helps with improving mental, emotional, and the spiritual aspects of a persons life. Exercise also releases the feel good hormones in the brain that allows you to make clearer decisions, release stress, better mood and build an individual’s confidence.

How can we get past this on the positive side by making this time work for us? What can we do to combat the other effects that this pandemic has caused by us quarantining? People are becoming more creative than ever. Gyms are closing, while the potential for homes, living rooms, and outside areas such as parks are opening up, in ways there was no time for before. Now, more than ever, we have invites to join virtual classes, we are learning how to adapt to consistently changing new norms, and there are loads of home workout programs using limited equipment, things like water bottles, washing detergent containers, you can also using your child.  If you would have asked me some years, or even months ago, as to what the fitness industry would look like, I would have never guessed this.

Wondering where to start or how to find the motivation? First, you have to find what form of fitness you like. Fitness can be fun, joyful, and rewarding. You can choose dance, weights, cycling, jogging, jump rope, or even body weighted exercise and if you find the workout to be a bit challenging follow the modification, some moves can be performed in a seated position. You can join a group using Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, or your neighborhood fitness camps. You can purchase a fitness program and go at it solo, while some even have support groups. You can even take your time and simply walk in your neighborhood or at the park while you witness Mother Nature at work. If you feel that you are still lacking motivation set your workout clothes out the night before. Set your alarm for an early morning workout you would find it’s an excellent way to start the day. Needing more motivation try the buddy system for extra accountability. It’s time to take care of you and this is a perfect time. Instead of participating in the Home-gry Games and listening to the blues news, choose to listen to motivational videos or lectures, try choosing healthy foods, you could even start that water challenge you just couldn’t find the time to get to with your busy lifestyle. Try consuming more whole foods and less processed foods now while you have the time, maybe by preparing meals at home more and discovering new recipes. Call a family member, friend, co-worker, or boss, and do a well-check just by picking up the phone. FaceTime, Messenger, WhatsApp, or even something more creative with a Zoom Date night with friends, whatever works for you. Start making SELF the priority. Below you will find a few workout programs I recommend. HERE'S TO YOUR HEALTH...Enjoy!!

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-Dawn Winters (Co-owner of NNL)